Introducing Dr. Carmen McCain

Dr. Carmen McCain (c) my brilliant brother Dan McCain

I have not posted on this blog since January. I think that is the longest I have ever neglected it. But it was for a good cause. It enabled me to hole up in Madison, Wisconsin, to focus and finish writing my PhD dissertation on Hausa literature and film, which I defended about a month ago. I am hoping to finish my revisions in a week or so, submit to the university, and move on to the next thing. I am looking forward to what life brings. Hopefully that will mean resuming more regular blogging. Thank you to all of you, who have supported me and encouraged me during this long, grueling, depressing, yet also sometimes exhilarating process. I wrote more detailed thanks in my column last month and still more in the acknowledgements page of my dissertation itself. I am placing a hold on proquest for two years, so as to better my chances of getting a book contract, but I would be happy to email it to anyone interested, once I have the final draft submitted to the university.

I will share more thoughts and photos as I have time. This may also be the last blog post I compose on my nearly 6 year old boxy red Dell, named Rudi. He has lived a good life but is now slowly dying. His sleek replacement is sitting in the next room  waiting for a data transfer… and a name.

My love to everyone.

-Dr. McCain  (probably the only time I will ever sign off that way on this blog, but it’s fun to celebrate)

13 responses to “Introducing Dr. Carmen McCain

  1. Congratulations, Dr. McCain!

    I can imagine the effort studying for this degree must have required. Away from blogging for six months! Wow, that’s a number.

    Hoping to see even richer writing from you.



  2. Congratulations Dr. McCain!


  3. Congratulations, Carmen! Now I know why ‘we’ haven’t heard from you.:) Keep celebrating, you so deserve to. Well done.


  4. congrats Dr, not the ‘Nigerian’type of Dr. thats what i can from your various writing in the wake of your graduation. the tassle is actually worth hassle.


  5. Yakubu Balasafana

    Congrayulation Dr.Carmain.Wishing you the best in your future carrier !


  6. Thank you, thank you everyone, na gode muku, for all of your kind words. Dan, you made me laugh. Yes, indeed, despite a few years of ABD bitterness, at the end of it, I can indeed say that the tassle is worth the hassle. It feels good. Life, bring it on.


    • Zaharaddeen Getso

      Congrats Dr. Carmain, your contribution to our language and culture was and will always be appreciated. Cheers


  7. Congratulations, hard working leed to success, more good ways coming ahead of you. Dr Carmen as from today


  8. Florence Ebila

    Such good news and what a wonderful way to close this blog! I look forward to the new one Dr. McCain.


  9. Zaharaddeen and Masud, Na gode sosai! Dr. Ebila, so great to hear from you! But I’m not closing this blog o! It will hopefully be here for many years to come! 🙂 I will have to take a trip to Uganda one of these days to see you!


  10. Congratulations Dr McCain! As I write this, I have an unspent email in my draft folder just for you. Looking forward to having many discussions with you. Wish you all the best for the future!


  11. Congrats! Best wishes! Thanks a lot for the interest in our culture.


  12. Hello Dr. McCain,

    Let me begin by saying ‘You are exceptionally awesome’! My first impression about you when I first watch your role in IBRO YA AURI BATURIYA wasn’t actually cordial. I have never imagined you would get this far, that is as far as obtaining a Phd in Hausa. I am currently struggling to gain my BA in Hausa and tell you what? You have set the pace that we need to follow! Lol! Please accept my hearty congratulations.


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