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Iyan Tama reaches settlement with Director General of the Kano State Censorship Board

In breaking news, the Hausa director and former gubernatorial candidate, Hamisu Lamido Iyan Tama has dropped his lawsuit for defamation against Abubakar Rabo Abdulkarim, the Director General of the Kano State Censorship Board in exchange for the board’s dropping of … Continue reading

Iyan Tama takes Rabo to court for defamation and other lawsuits

I apologize to everyone concerned for this blog post which is coming about a month late; however, hopefully it is still relevant. On July 21, I posted about the most recent lawsuit in the continuing feud between Abubakar Rabo Abdulkarim, … Continue reading

More arrests along Zoo Road yesterday, and my article on Iyan Tama makes IPS front page

Yesterday evening, I went to Zoo Road to carry out an interview with Hausa producer and actor Nura Husseini and heard that there had been more raids on Zoo Road yesterday afternoon. A couple of editors were arrested. When a singer … Continue reading

Iyan-Tama Multimedia Awards

  I was very humbled and honoured last week, 25 October 2010, to be honoured along with many other journalists and media houses with an Iyan-Tama Multimedia Award in Recognition of Support and Contribution to the Growth and Development of … Continue reading

The latest on the Iyan-Tama case from Nigerian News Service, plus new fees from the National Film and Video Censor’s Board

In a 29 September 2009 article “Iyan Tama: Matters Arising” on the Nigerian News Service, Bolaji Oluwaseun reports that when Iyan-Tama’s counsel went to the Federal High Court of Appeal in Kaduna “to file a motion to stop the retrial”: … Continue reading

Iyan-Tama granted bail, The judge calls for a new trial

Yesterday, Iyan-Tama was finally granted bail after almost two and a half months in prison. According to Abdulaziz A. Abdulaziz, in Leadership newspaper, Delivering the judgment, Justice Umar said the court has nullified Iyan-Tama’s earlier trial, saying the trial, which … Continue reading

Updates on the Iyan-Tama case and other articles on the crisis in Kannywood

I’m sorry I have been scarce on this blog lately. I’ve been working at home, where I do not have internet, and then travelling (BOB TV in Abuja) so have had scanty internet access. The best place to find an … Continue reading

Update on the Iyan-Tama Case: Bail Hearing set for 5 March

I received an email today updating me on the Iyan Tama case. An application was made for bail pending appeal, and the hearing has been set for 5 March, about two weeks from now. Also, according to the person who … Continue reading

Interview with Dr. Ahmad Sarari, Vice President of MOPPAN and brother of Iyan-Tama

   Dr. Ahmad Mohammed Sarari is the national Vice President of the Motion Pictures Practitioners Association of Nigeria (MOPPAN). He is also an award winning producer of Hausa films and has taken his film Waraqa to film festivals in Cannes … Continue reading

Come back later for details of my interview with Iyan-Tama’s brother and the Director General of the Censorship Board yesterday

I am currently busily transcribing interviews for a couple of articles that are due (elsewhere) soon, but wanted to write a quite note to alert readers to come back later in the day for details of my interviews yesterday with … Continue reading