Triumph/Trust Editorial convergences

Yes, Yes, I know I promised to post updates from my interviews with the director general of the censorship board and VP of MOPPAN. Bear with me, I’m having technology (namely NEPA and internet) problems. But I just wanted to make a quick post noting an interesting convergence between a couple of editorials I have noticed in the government owned Daily Triumph, appearing a few weeks later in the Abuja Based Daily Trust. Now, this isn’t necessarily an unusual thing. After all the report I started this blog with was published in about four different avenues (with the publication’s knowledge that it was elsewhere on the internet).  However, the voice and the tone of these editorials is remarkably similar, and I saw this same Mohammed Mahmud greatly defending the earlier Asabe Muktar/Murtala on the Finafinan Hausa listserve. Could they be one and the same?

Check it out

Iyan Tama, U.S., and Kano censors board by Asabe MURTALA published in the Daily Triumph, 23 December 2009

Iyan Tama, U.S., and Kano censors board by Asabe MUKTAR published in the Daily Trust 8 January 2009

Kannywood: The Unruly Vs. the Society by Mohammed Mahmud published in the Daily Triumph 21 January 2009

Kannywood: The Unruly Vs. the Society by Mohammed Mahmud published in the Daily Trust 28 January 2009

6 responses to “Triumph/Trust Editorial convergences

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