Allah ya jikan Hausa film actress Maryam Umar Aliyu

FIM Magazine Cover featuring Maryam Umar Aliyu

Inna lillahi wa inna ilaihirraji’un.

I’m always reluctant to post news like this. It’s bad news, and I don’t like to bear it. The Hausa film star, Maryam Umar Aliyu, who retired from acting  after she married actor and musician Misbahu M. Ahmed in December 2009, died yesterday in Kano. This is one in a long string of Kannywood deaths in the last few years, including actress Hauwa Ali Dodo (Biba Problem) in January 2010,  Safiya Ahmed and director/actor Zilkiflu Mohammed in February 2010, actress Amina Garba (Mama Dumba) in November 2010, and just last month Baballe Costume, a film costumier.

I did not know Maryam well, but I had met her on enough occasions to be completely shocked when I first found out on facebook yesterday of her death. I first met her in 2006, and the film I first remember her in is Dan Zaki. The most recent film of hers that sticks out in my mind is Sai Na Dawo. The image of her that stays with me was sometime in 2008, she came into Golden Goose Studio studio wearing long dangly earrings and a beautiful outfit–a mixture of glamour and good natured sweetness. She sat on the floor with the rest of us, laughing and talking.

According to the Leadership article I will post below, she died yesterday from lingering complications of childbirth three months ago. She was still very young. Allah ya jikanta, ya rahama mata kuma allah ya sa Aljanna makoma ita. Allah ya ba mu hakuri.

If any readers would like to leave comments about memories they have of her or of their favourite films that Maryam featured in, I will consider including comments left by tonight (my deadline) in my column published on Saturday in the Weekly Trust.I will update this post as other news comes along, but to begin with I’ll post the short Leadership article by Abdulaziz A. Abdulaziz that came out today. To read on the Leadership website, click here:

Ex-Hausa Film Star, Maryam ‘Kumurci’, Dies


A prominent ex-Hausa film actress, Maryam Umar Aliyu (aka Maryam Kumurci), has died. The actress died yesterday afternoon in Kano after a protected illness.Until her death, She was the wife of renown playback singer, Musbahu M Ahmed.

LEADERSHIP also gathered that she died at a private hospital in Kano where she had been battling with complications arising from childbirth. She was said to have delivered of a stillborn baby three months ago.

Burial rites for the deceased was conducted at her family’s residence located at Gwammaja quarters. Just as she was later  buried according to Islamic rites at Kofar Mazugal cemetery.

The late Maryam began her filmmaking career in early 2000s and rose to stardom by 2005. She featured in several Hausa home videos including Khudsiyya and Jani.

She later got married to an actor, Sha’aibu Lawal (alias Kumurci), following the death of his bride, Balaraba Mohammed. Maryam’s relationship with the actor earned her the same sobriquet  as him; kumurci.

UPDATE 16 April 2011

Here is my column for the week, in tribute to Maryam Umar Aliyu. It can be read on the Weekly Trust site, here or in its original format as published in the Weekly Trust by clicking on the photo below:

Honouring Kannywood: In Memory of Maryam Umar Aliyu

Saturday, 16 April 2011 00:00 Carmen McCain.

Kannywood received yet another blow this week when former actress Maryam Umar Aliyu died, Tuesday, April 12, after a lingering illness following a still-birth. The stylish, light-skinned actress, who was of Nigerien origin but grew up in Katsina, began acting in the early 2000s, appearing in dozens of films including Labarin ZuciyaGiwar Mata, Dan Zaki, Makauniyar Yarinya, Khudsiyya, Jani, and Sai na Dawo, among many others. She also produced one film Majiya. When a brief marriage to actor Shu’aibu Kumurci ended, she returned to acting, but retired again in December 2009 to marry actor and singer Misbahu M. Ahmad. Maryam’s death comes after a long string of losses to the Hausa film industry over the past year and a half: actresses Hauwa Ali Dodo, Safiya Ahmed, and Amina Garba, Director and actor Zilkiflu Mohammad, and producer Hamza Muhammad Danzaki all died in 2010. Last month, a costumier called Baballe Costume also died.

A fan, Khadijah Sulaiman, wrote on Facebook, that she “had never seen a film” of Maryam’s that “wasn’t good.” She most remembered her for the 2006 film Dan Zaki. Likewise, my first memory of seeing Maryam Umar Aliyu was in the Sani Danja film, Dan Zaki, with its echoes of oral literature, where she plays the role of a woman so jealous that she has a sorcerer transform the man she loves into a bird and make his wife go mad. The film had just come out when I arrived in Kano to begin my research. Maryam came to the house where I was staying to visit my hostess, and I remember thinking her quite the opposite of the character she had played in the film. She was sweet and kind and laughed a lot. I remember how, later, after my return to Kano in 2008, she came into Golden Goose Studio one day, a mixture of glamour and cheerfulness, with her dangly earrings, fashionable dress and unforgettable smile. She sat on the floor of the studio, ate kosai and fried potatoes, and chatted with everyone there.

Her laughter, patience, and kindness are what other people in the industry I spoke to remember of her as well. Aminu Sheriff (Momoh) wrote on my blog that “She was very kind and jovial person[…] May her soul rest in peace, amin.” Over the phone (any mistakes in translation from Hausa to English are mine) actress Fati Bararoji told me that Maryam was a very patient and kind person, who loved the people around her. She didn’t fight with anyone, Fati said. She’d put up with a lot. When she accepted a role in a film, she wouldn’t haggle over money but would just take what she was given. Fati remembered, in particular, Maryam’s patience and cheerfulness over a seven-day shoot in Abuja which she had been on with her, shortly before Maryam’s marriage in 2009.

Sakna Gadaz Abdullahi repeated much of what Fati had told me. “Her death is a big loss to the industry and to her family.  The day I heard of her death, I couldn’t do anything else. I was so shocked. Maryam had become like my sister. Everyone who knew her in the industry knew that she was a good and loyal friend. She wasn’t materialistic.”

Sadiyya Mohammad (Gyale) wrote me that Maryam was very nice, patient and quiet. “I really loved Maryam.” Zainab Idris simply said that she had always gotten along well with Maryam. “Her death has really affected us. But we know that God loves her even more than us, and we too are on the road to the Hereafter whether today or any other time.”

Maryam’s death comes at a time when I’ve been thinking a lot about the relationship between the Hausa film industry, the wider Nollywood industry, and the role of film in Africa as a whole. In 1998, the Malian filmmaker Abdurrahmane Sissako made a film, La Vie Sur Terre/Life on Earth, which portrays a village where the news of the world comes in through international radio broadcasts, but where no information can escape. The villagers know about the world, yet the world does not know about them. The village post office can receive telephone calls but cannot call out.

Although the Hausa-speaking world is certainly no village and has access to phones, internet, radio, and other media (including a gigantic film industry which could be its gateway to the world), there is a metaphoric parallel here. Kannywood knows about Hollywood, Bollywood, and the larger Nigerian film industry of Nollywood, but they know very little about Kannywood.  Despite Maryam Umar Aliyu’s prolific acting career, when I went online to try to find photos of her to put on my blog, I didn’t find more than three or four. It always surprises me how little you find online about Kannywood stars, whose faces, blazoned on stickers, are plastered on thousands of buses, motorcycles, and taxis all over Northern Nigeria, Niger, and surrounding countries.

Hausa is spoken by over fifty million people in Africa. The Hausa film industry is, according to the most recent National Film and Video Censor’s Board statistics, creeping to nearly thirty percent of the Nigerian film industry. Beyond death, the figures and faces of these actors and actresses will keep running and clapping, speaking and laughing, singing and dancing through our lives for as long as the plastic of the VCDs last and the television channels continue to broadcast them into our homes. They are known by millions yet strangely unknown beyond a barrier of language and class, loved by those who buy stickers and films and yet often disrespected by those with the power to write about them on an international stage.

The imbalances in what the world knows about Hausa film and society have their roots in colonialism, yes, but also tend to be continued by the attitudes of an elite who keep their television stations tuned to CNN and BBC. Despite the hundreds of singing and dancing sequences uploaded to YouTube (rarely labeled with names of composer or performer), the occasional Facebook fan page, the old FIM Magazine pages or the commendable Kannywood online fan community, the lack of information about the Hausa film industry online is a sign that it is not yet appreciated by a northern elite who have the most access to the internet. And a lack of financial and moral support from an elite means it is much more difficult for the industry to break into the international film arena, as Yoruba films are beginning to do. I often hear educated members of a Northern Nigerian elite talking about how embarrassed they are by Hausa films, and yet it was these very Hausa films (and also the novels) that attracted me to learn Hausa. I am an American here in Kano because of film. I am here because I saw Ahmed S. Nuhu and Hauwa Ali Dodo and Zilkiflu Mohammed and Maryam Umar Aliyu in stories that captivated me and made me want to let the world know about them.

I am sad that I wrote of Maryam only after she died. I should have written about her while she was alive. Every time I write a tribute to an entertainer or artist gone before their time, I feel this way. Why didn’t I write more? Why don’t we all write more, in Hausa first and then English, about the young talents who surround us, filling our radios with songs, our television screens with dramas, and our bookshelves with novels, not imported but homegrown? Let’s honour Maryam by honouring, respecting and supporting her colleagues, those hard working, cheerful, and kind members of the Hausa film industry who, insha Allah, will live and work and grow as artists for years to come. Only when we respect our entertainers, will they be able to build an industry that will make us proud.

UPDATE 25 April 2011:

Other memories of Maryam Umar Aliyu sent to me:

From Auwal Danlarabawa

ina mai mika ta’aziyya ta ga rasuwar maryam umar Allah ya gafarta mata ameen, akwai wani jarumta da tayi a lokacin da muke aikin film din kanfani a lokacin da doki ya gudu da ita amma bata ji tsoro ba ta zauna daram har diokin ya kare gudunsa ya tsaya wanda ba kowacce jaruma ce zatayi hakan ba, shine babban abinda na ke tunawa a mu’amalarmu da maryam Allah ya gafarta mata mu kuma in tamau tazo Allah yasa mu cika da imani

To read other tributes I’ve written for Hausa actors and filmmakers gone before their time, see my posts on

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Comedian and director Lawal Kaura, who died on 13 December 2011,

Director Muhammadu Balarabe Sango, who died on 1 December 2012

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  3. She was very kind and jovial person in her character. May her soul rest in peace, amin.

    • Momo yane wallahi kana burgeni dana kalla fim naka na zama da miji amma gaskiya kayi actin mai kyau a wurin kuma Allah jikan yar uwarmu musulma data rigamu gidan gaskiya Allah sa namu yazo mai kyau amin akuma gaida sauran masoya naka muhmmed Lawan ga numban waya na 08033885205

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    Daga anas iliyasu. Jos (08094691812)

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  91. may Allah (s.w.a) reward her with Aljanna firdaus.
    Other comment: Iam advising you (Hausa Film crowd); the died of your collegue to be a lesson to you and not forbidden of ALLAH.

  92. Poor woman, RIP. It’s so sad that in Nigeria we can still die from complications arising from childbirth. So, so sad! I hope she has found peace now.

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  109. ALLAH ja jikan MARYAM U ALIYU da sauraun jamar musulmi maza da mata ALLAH ya gafarta mana baki daya,ALI NUHU ALLAH ya sakamaka da alkhairi, shikuma MUSBAHU ALLAH yabashi hakurin jure rashinta Ameen.

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  115. May her soul rest in peace. Maryam was actually one of my inspirations in the hausa movie industry.

    Nasir Adam Saeed

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  119. Allah yajikan maryam ya rahamarsheta .

  120. Allah yajikan maryam ya rahamarsheta


  122. Inna lillahi wa inna ilaihirraji’un.Allah ya jikan Maryam Umar,Allah yasa ta huta.

  123. Inna lillahi wa inna ilaihirraji un , Allah ya jikan maryam

  124. Kullin nafsin zaikatil.mauti, to ubangi Allah ya gikan.maryam umar aliyu ta huta mukuma.idan tamu tazo Allah yasa mu cika da imani ameen summa ameen…

  125. Allah yagafar tamata) shikuma yabashi nagari, naka DANLAMI WADDU MI BO’INA, BUKURU.?

  126. Rabi'u A. Bawada (Ustaz)

    Um! Mutuwa rigar kowa maryam kam tasa tata, nakan yawaita kallon fina-finanta na baya domin tunawa da ita a matsayinta na jarumata.
    Ina mika sakon ta’aziyyata ga Musbahu M. Ahmad (mijinta), da kuma dukkan daukacin ‘yan fim, dama dukkan ‘yan uwana masu kallo. Allah ya gafarta mata kura-kurenta, ameen summa ameen.

  127. Muna fatan dukkanin yan film din hausa wadanda suka rigamu gidan gaskiya Allah yayi musu rahma

  128. Dukka mai rai zai mutu fatan mu allah ya yafe mata kuskurenta yasa aljannah ce mako marta amin

  129. Allah yagafar tamata;?

  130. Allah ya jikan maryam umar aliyu ya kuma gafarta mata mukuma intamu tazo Allah yasa mucika da imani.bazan manta da wani abu da maryam tayiba a lokacin da tafito a film din hanta da jini tayi matukar kokari a film din.Allah yajikanta mukuma intamu tazo yasa mucika da imani.

  131. May the Almighty Allah continue to shower his mercy upon her,brighten her grave with AN-NUR and as well expand it.”AMEEN SUMMA AMEEN”

  132. ALLAH ya jikan maryam Aliyu da sauran musulmi ameen

  133. allah yajikanta yasa tahuta amin

  134. Omar Bara'u Dayi

    May her gentle Soul Rest in Perfect Peace…! We rily miss U 4reva @ Maryam. Oo

  135. Ummukulthumbilal

    Maryam was a respectful,loyal,cheerful,yet calm,honest,cautious,obedient,and kindness to people i will not 4get dat we met with her she is so familiar with people actually we have lost a sister in islam may Allah(swt)grant her aljannatul firdaus

  136. Allah ya jikan maryam umar, cox mutuwarta yayi bala’in gigitani musamman idan na kalli film dinnan nata sai na dawo yakan tunon da ita wani sain har kuka nakeyi, allah ya gafarta mata yasa aljannace makomanta.

  137. i want to know much abaut hausa film

  138. Innalillahi wa’inna Ilaihirraju’un Allah yajikanta yagafarta mata zunubanta yaraya Abinda tabari kaikuma Musbahu yabaka jumurin jure rashin dan girman Annabi da AlQur’ani daga Shuaibu Shanono Gwammaja gidan Alhaji bala mai Sallah

  139. Ya allah kajikanta da rahama

    kuma ina mika taziyata ga misbahu m Ahmed da duk sauran yan uwa da abokn arziki

  140. Prince Sulaiman Adam

    Allah yaji kan dukkan musulmi; ya kuma yi musu rahama. Mu idan tamu tazo Allah yasa mu cika da imani Ameeen

  141. may her gentle soul rest in peace

  142. may her soul rest in peace

  143. May she rest in peace.Allah yasa karshan wa halatan ta ke nan,yasa aljanna ne makoman ta.amin.sai na dawo

  144. Such a great person, she will be greatly missed!

  145. May her soul rest in perfect peace amin nd may paradise be her final abode


  147. yaushe ta rasu da wacce rana kuma gawatan yaushe allh ya jikanta amen kuma ina bawa musbahu m.ahamed hkr kuma yakara hakuri

  148. Allah yagafartama maryam da sauran wa’anda akai rashi a kannywood amin

  149. I believed that Kullu nafsyn za’e katil maut. May her Soul Rest In Perfect Peace. Despite, As a muslims, we must put in mine that whosever gone as a DEADBODies, are early. And those whose are still alive, would not remain alive forever including Me/You’s. Meanwhile, nobody should remain. Perhaps, we ‘ll not die untill we are a true MUSLIMS.

  150. may god soul her rest in perpect peace….. Ya allah ya sa aljanatul fi’dausi(makoman muslmi)ameen;;(:*;(

  151. How we will do,everyone will go. Bcause many people have gone chiefs,reachers,mens,womens and chieldrens.

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  155. Ooh my lovely maryam may ur gentle soul rest in perfect peace. an make jannatul firdausi to be ur permanent abod.

  156. i pray 4 all hausa film members 4 long life

  157. oh God pls 4 give our sister maryam and keep her familly behand save.ameen

  158. Allah yaji kansu da rahama amin Allah yasa in tamu tazo Allah sa mu dac

  159. rukayyat abubakar saddeq

    May her soul rest in peace Ameen

  160. Allah shi yafimata ameen

  161. Allah ya jikan su da rahaman sa, i always dream to be a hausa actress wish i could be conected, thanks mrs B from lagos

  162. اللهم أغفرهم ورحمهم ورحمنا بعدهم آمين

  163. allah ya gikan rabiu musa ibro

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  165. Allah Ya shirye mu Yayi mana rahama baki daya!

  166. allag ya jikan duk musulmin da ya rigamu gidan gaskiya muku allah ya bamu guxusin taddasu…

  167. allah ya jikan duk musulmin da ya rigamu gidan gaskiya muku allah ya bamu guxusin taddasu…

  168. allh yajikanta ya kyutata tmu

  169. Alh mamman nadange kontagora

    Allah yasa aljanna ne makomansu Ameen

  170. allah ya jikanta ameen

  171. Allah yasa sun huta,idan tamu tazo Allah sa mucika da imani

  172. Allah ya gafartama mata itada sauran yan film da suka rasu da kuma sauran musulmai na duniya maza da mata gaba daya. 08062440212

  173. Ismail Ibrahim

    May her soul rest in perfect peace ameeen

  174. Safiyanu Muazu

    Allah yajikan Lawal Kaura

  175. Allah ya jikanta ya gafartamata 08137166101

  176. R.i.p halima “yar zaki Allah ubangiji ya gafartamata mukuma in tamu tazo yasa mucika da imani 08137166101

  177. Mukhtar hassan alkali

    Allah yajiqansu baki daya allah yasa aljannah ce makomarsu intamu ta zo allah yasa mucika da imani albarka annabi muhammadu ( s a w ) da alqur’ani


  179. Sani Muhammad Tata

    May Her soul rest in peace.

  180. Allah ya jikanta da rahama; Allah yasa tahuta

  181. Even today, March 17, 2016 I weep by reading this post. Does it mean actors, even though not alive can make our hearts touched and filled with emotions? Well, in reality the answer to my question might not be in the affirmative — however by a different form of logical reality, the deceased actors are still alive and acting ’cause I could still watch them and hear them talk… Allah Yajiqansu.

    — Sanusi Y. North.

  182. hakazaliva Allah yajikansu darahama.

  183. Allah yajiqan musulmi gabbaki nu’yan mu In namu taxu qarshi mucika da I’mani

  184. Allah yajiqansu da rahamma inna mutazu qarshi mucika da kalman shihadda

  185. Misbahu habibu

    Allah ya jikanta da rahama yasa Aljanna ce makoma

  186. Musa muhammad

    May almighty Allah forgive her and make jannatul firdaus be her final destination

  187. akibumustaphabari3303

    Allah Ameen

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