On this page I list links to selected interviews and articles that quote me. Please note that I do not include every piece.


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Articles where I am quoted/mentioned

Mamman, Iro and Mukhtar Yakubu. “Kalmar ‘Kannywood’ ta shiga ƙamus ɗin Oxford” Fim Magazine. 21 January 2020.

Eyre, Banning and Mark LeVine. “Censorship in Nigeria: Musical Free Expression in the Shadow of Fela.” FreeMuse. 10 July 2017. ( Although they were not credited to me, I also provided the authors with an unpublished document with the quotation from The Collected Works of Nana Asma’u and the translated censors board regulations. They can also be found in my PhD dissertation.)

Makooi, Bahar. “Nigeria: Une actrice exclue de ‘Kannywood’ pour avoir touche un homme dans un clip.” France 24. 8 October 2016.

AFP. “Ban on ‘immoral’ Nigerian star highlights north/south split.” AFP. 8 October 2016. (quotes not exactly what I said but close enough)

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Mallonee, Laura. “The Subversive Women who Self-Publish Novels amid Jihadist War.” Wired. 17 February 2016. (Sensationalistic title and intro but the best of the articles I’ve read so far on Glenna Gordon’s photobook Diagram of the Heart.)

Page, Thomas. “Beyond heartache and Boko Haram: Nigerian women prove love is universal.” CNN. 16 February 2016. (note: several errors in this article)

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