Phone dead, Friends, please send me your numbers…

[UPDATE 2 MAY 2010: A computer whiz on Zoo Road was able to help me retrieve my contacts from a virusy phone. The messages are still stuck there, but with my contacts I’m all good. Thanks to those of you who sent numbers and added contacts that I didn’t even have before!]

This morning my phone woke up, decided life wasn’t worth living, and committed suicide (ie. turning itself off and refusing to allow itself to be turned back on), taking with it all 400+ of my contacts and 1000+ text messages. Not a single number or message remained on my SIM card when I put it into my new (as of this evening) phone. For those of you who know me in real life and have my phone number, please send me a text with your name so that I can save it in my phone, or if you don’t have my phone number but want me to have your contact info, you can send me an email or write a comment in the comments section, which I will not publish (if you have commented before don’t do this, because wordpress automatically publishes people it recognizes as having commented before). I’m hoping that the numbers will be able to be retrieved from my old phone, but, since there are none on my sim card, I’m not optimistic.


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