My wordpress theme changed without my knowledge, bear with me…

A few days I logged onto my blog and noticed that it looked pretty crappy. The font was blocky and squeezed, my flickr widget was gone, my links that had been separated into different themes was gone, as well as quite a few other changes that I began to notice over time. This morning, while trying to reinstall my flickr widget, I realized that my theme must have been somehow changed by wordpress. When I googled “WordPress changed my theme without my knowledge,” I discovered that apparently everyone using the classy pared down Cutline theme had been changed over to the unattractive Coraline because of some sort of feud with the Cutline designer, Chris Pearson. I am, to say the least, … annoyed…

Please bear with the ugly appearance of the blog, as I am going to have to be forced to make formatting changes to my blog that I wasn’t counting on in an already busy month, and it will likely take some time.

[UPDATE: Ok, after a few hours of playing around, I’ve restored the widgets. Still like the old cutline theme better, but this will have to do, I suppose….]


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