Armed Robbers… We are all fine…

I don’t want to write very much right now. I will probably write more privately and then share what I can publically later. But, just to let those of you who follow this blog know, my family and some friends were attacked by armed robbers last night around 9pm in my parent’s house. We are all fine. They did not harm anyone physically except for my father whom they shot at from about 5 inches away (it must have been a blank or a cap gun because he was not wounded) and then kicked in the mouth. He sustained only minor bruises and scratches. The rest of us in the house, my sister and her friend, my mother, the PhD from the U.S. who is staying with them, and two little girls from across the street are all fine.

The whole ordeal only lasted about 20 minutes although it felt like much longer. Fortunately, our neighbors heard the first gunshot and the robbers shouting at us to lie down on the floor. They called the mobile police/soldiers who came a little while later. The soldiers shot at the robbers who ran away on foot.

We are all fine. We have actually been laughing ever since they left.

There is so much to laugh about. There is so much to be thankful for. 

They took a few things but left us all intact, which is the most important thing. We thank God.

We have felt very loved by our community and the steady stream of visitors, some of whom even came by last night immediately after the robbery.

I will post more as I can. Thank you for your prayers.

4 responses to “Armed Robbers… We are all fine…

  1. feeling with you and grateful you and your family are all fine … the one reason that my parents don’t want me to come back to Nigeria (though I don’t think I’ll comply with that wish) … but good you can laugh about it … all the best Katrin


  2. Katrin, Thank you so much. It has been very comforting to receive condolences from everyone, especially the many many people who have gone through this before. I know you know what it feels like. It could have been so much worse. We thank God for his blessings.


  3. I thank God for your life…


  4. Thank God for your lives. Things are getting better, at least there was a response from the police.


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