Hausa Home Video Resource Centre

The Mass Communication Department at Bayero University has been very generous in their hosting of me while I have been doing my research in Kano. As part of my appreciation for their help, I am helping them to coordinate and put together a blog for the Hausa Home Video Resource Centre. You can check it out the blog, which I started working on yesterday, here:

The Hausa Home Video Resource Centre is an initiative of the Department of Mass Communication at Bayero University in Kano, Nigeria. It was founded with the aim to provide access to information about the Hausa film industry for researchers, journalists, and the general public and to provide useful resources for practitioners in the industry. It is currently being coordinated by Carmen McCain, a PhD candidate at the University of Wisconsin, Madison and a visiting scholar in the Department of Mass Communications at Bayero University

In the next few months, we hope to provide access to archived newspaper articles about the Hausa film industry, updates on resources for Hausa film practitioners, and summaries of Hausa films for the general public. You can access photos and documents at our picasa site:

You can contact the Hausa Home Video Resource Centre at hausahomevideoresource @ We welcome any feedback or suggestions on how we can improve the site or the centre.

One response to “Hausa Home Video Resource Centre

  1. allah wadaran masu shirin fim din hausa dan domin sun dakko al adar turawa sun alakantata dahausawa


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