Congratulations to Kannywood actress Sakna Gadaza and Musa Bello on their wedding, 9 July 2011

booklet distributed at dinner for Sakna Gadaza and Musa Bello's wedding

First of all, another apology for such a long delay in updating this blog, which had to do 1) with my internet server going on a near 2-3 week near-shut-down, 2) travel to Lagos to present at a “Nollywood in Africa, Africa in Nollywood” conference hosted by Pan-African University, 3) the electricity going out in my neighborhood for 1 week and 1 day (in which case, the battery and inverter I celebrated in my last post, has it’s limitations. There has to be a certain amount of electricity for the thing to charge). 4) A nasty case of food poisoning, which put me out of operation for at least two good days.

So, I am only just now posting this piece of Kannywood news, namely, the wedding of Hausa film actress Sakna Gadaza and Musa Bello on 9 July 2011. I attended two of the wedding events, an “Arabian Night” on 7 July, which I arrived scandalously late to even by “African-time” standards only about 15 minutes before the bride took off, partially because I was out shopping for the appropriate “Arabian” attire. 2) The dinner on 8 July, which I arrived on time for and got lots of photos.

So, congratulations to Sakna and Musa. A few photos below:

Sakna sings to her new husband Musa at the wedding dinner. (c) Carmen McCain

Money sprayed for Sakna, as Musa looks on (c) Carmen McCain

The beautiful bride, Sakna Gadaza (c) Carmen McCain

Camera phones were out in full force and Sakna's friend Kannywood actress Zainab Idris pulled out her best dance moves for the occasion (c) Carmen McCain

Kannywood actress and comedienne Saratu Gidado was a great dinner companion. (c) Carmen McCain

Kannywood actors Umar Gombe and Fati Bararoji trade thoughts before the event begins. (c) Carmen McCain

Hausa novelist and film producer Hajiya Balaraba Ramat Yakubu and a friend at the Arabian Night celebration for Sakna Gadaza and Musa Bello's wedding. (c) Carmen McCain

Baballe Hayatu has a quiet moment before the beginning of the event. (c) Carmen McCain

I have more photos not yet uploaded to flickr that I may add as I have internet time, so stay tuned for more pics.

14 responses to “Congratulations to Kannywood actress Sakna Gadaza and Musa Bello on their wedding, 9 July 2011

  1. This is a pretty, nicely well done blog! i must salute you carmen mccain on your diligent work! if only nepa and the even anti-electicity forces that be in nigeria will give you more juice to work and stay online. The coverage of Kannywood and its participants and related events by you is bound to expose and promote the industry. but all in all i want to say well done!


  2. Hari, Thank you so much for your kind words. I really appreciate it.


  3. hannamy vuitton

    happy marrital bliss


  4. Wish happy marriage life and peace.


  5. All the bst and the entire digital age film production gusau zamfara state wish u gud luck

    All d bst


  6. Reading your writtings is d most interesting thing that has ever happened & is still happening to me, perticularly your writings about kannywood industry, it has motivated me to venture into researches about kannywood infact am currenly doing my final year project on the topic the ‘study of genre and themes in hausa home video: analysis of salected movies’ been supervise by the current commisioner of information kano state Ass-prof umar faruk jibril. For me i can only thank you for letting us see movies beyond our eyes.


  7. @Habu, how exciting! I’m so glad to hear that. I’d love to see your project when you’re done. If you send me the file and give me permission, I will upload it to site for the Hausa Home Video Resource Centre, so that everyone else can have access to the research you’ve done:

    You can send me any files at carmenmccain (at)

    Allah ya ba da sa’a da project din!


  8. Amin nagode and insha Allah i will sent it the moment i completed the project


  9. carmenmccain u r doin a very nice job n i wish d couples a happy married life n a fruitful 1.


  10. SAKNA happy marraiage life


  11. Wishing u hapi mariage live




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